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Ancient and modern

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday
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Fee: Dependent on session
Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points along the skin of the body involving thin needles, heat, or pressure and corrects imbalances in the flow of “Qi” [chee] through channels known as meridians. Qi is similar to substances found in the body such as blood, nerves, and lymph. It flows throughout the entire body and organs. Acupuncture manipulates the flow of Qi, bringing the body into a natural balance.

Healing power of nature

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At Paradise Ridge, we prescribe carefully formulated preparations from noted herbalists. The quality and potency of our herbal tinctures and fluid extracts meet the strict laboratory standards set by the U.S. and British pharmacopeias. We take pride in the cleanliness of our preparation facility and the purity of our products. Whenever possible, our herbal tinctures and fluid extracts are wild-crafted and organic.

Deepen your awareness

Weekday mornings | 8:00am

Boost your immune system, regulate your energy and nervous system, gain balance and reduce stress with Jessica. Virtual classes run for 30min Monday through Friday.


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Deep healing

Purchase a sauna subscription or punch card
Must make online appointment
Fee: $45 per month or $80 for 10 session punch card

Schedule time for yourself in our infra-red sauna. As the cooler months are upon us, we are opening up our sauna so members can use it at a time convenient to them. It also offers a red light therapy bulb for increasing ATP cell production and a white light for producing Vitamin D.


Please reserve online to avoid double-booking, and to give us time to sanitize between clients.


At this time we ask you bring your own towels use in the sauna and the shower afterwards.

Community Healthcare

Currently unavailable during COVID-19.
In Japan, parents bring healthy children to the Shonishin clinic on full moon days to boost their immune system and maintain good health by stimulating acupuncture meridians. We would like to bring this important tradition to Vashon by offering low-cost clinics once a month for monthly “tune-up” treatments on or around the full moon. A variety of safe and gentle treatment modalities are used including “shonishin”, which involves using a series of tools to scrape, tap and rub acupuncture points and meridians. Other forms of treatment include the application of tiny magnets, herbal medicine, and sometimes the insertion of thin needles. Together these techniques can be used to treat a variety of acute and chronic conditions, including things like ear aches, frequent colds and flus, sleep problems, bedwetting, and behavior issues.

Community Healthcare

Women’s Clinic  |  Co-ed Clinic
Currently unavailable during COVID-19.
Climb into a “zero gravity” chair, relax on a couch, or cozy up with a blanket & cushion while you receive acupuncture in our open studio space. Jessica will be taking your pulse and talking to you in a quiet voice about your needs. If you prefer solitude, bring something to listen to with ear phones. We have towels for eye pillows or to keep your feet warm, but you are welcome to bring your own comfort items as well.